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ALPCANS Construction, which has been operating in the fields of land purchase and sale, parcelling and construction since 2003, has achieved successful work under the leadership of the company’s founder, Yüksel Alpcan.

ALPCANS, which has made a name for itself in recent years with its high-quality projects, has once again proven its success in the industry. Alpcan Towers in Lefke and Alpcan Towers Mira & Alpcan Prestige Houses in Güzelyurt. The developer have succeeded in making customers and investors happy with Alpcan Towers Key West projects in Gaziveren.

The services & offers of ALPCANS Construction

With ALPCANS, you can live a life of comfort with our projects made with the best materials and workmanship and delivered at the promised time.

The quality and premium materials used in projects are the indicators of comfort and confidence offered to customers by ALPCANS Construction.

We understand how confusing and stressful the process of choosing a builder and a property to buy can be. By getting to know ALPCANS better, you will be able to understand why this company has been the preferred company in Western Cyprus over the last few years and you will be able to find the answer as to why you should choose ALPCANS.

If you are interested in buying a studio, apartment or villa in North Cyprus we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to participate in one of our comprehensive inspection trips at your earliest convenience.

On a typical Inspection Trip you will be picked up from the airport and taken to your place of accommodation. The Team of Cyprus Real Estate will provide a tour of our projects and guide you through the buying process. And also we will take you to amenities in the areas of your interest and provide you full access to our services including independent financial and legal advice.

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ALPCAN TOWERS KEY WEST - Gaziveren - North Cyprus
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Alpcan Towers Key West Sea Front Apartments

From £ 86,000
Alpcan Towers Key West is a beautiful stylish fantastic project in Gaziveren, Güzelyurt in ...
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