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As a property manager in Germany, Sanna König grew up in a family where real estate was the main occupation.

After a trip in Cyprus, Sanna immediately fell in love with the country. Especially in the north of the island. She met many developers and decided to become active in the real estate market in North Cyprus. She sees, as a real estate expert, many investment opportunities in North Cyprus. Not only the prices make the offer attractive but also the great landscape, the culture, the delicious food, the cost of living, the friendliness of the locals and finally the good energy in the place. For Sanna, North Cyprus is a perfect place to invest and live.

She met most of the major property developers in North Cyprus and now works as a freelance Investment Adviser for clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who want to learn more about the investment opportunities in North Cyprus and to invest in a property with a good ROI (Return On Investment) or just buy a holiday home in this dream landscape.

She has a passion for the business and an unwavering dedication to her clients. As a licensed property manager in Kiel, Germany, Sanna König brings more than 15 years of experience and is capable of handling any transaction, regardless of the type of property or price range.

Sanna König is highly motivated, determined and take care of every sale from start to finish. In addition, Sanna does everything she can to make sure her clients find exactly what they are looking for. She loves what she does and is very grateful to be able to pursue her passion for a living. As such, I do not take my responsibilities lightly. She always goes the extra mile for her buyers and sellers.

In addition to real estate, Sanna’s passions include traveling, running and meditation. She lives in the Kiel area, a community she knows very well. She also travels a lot in the northern part of Germany.

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